Bethel Rural Community Organization (BRCO) conducted the Cold Mountain Heritage Tour from 2005-2011.  The seven-year, ten-site, docent-guided, two-day tours were a marvelous way to instruct locals and visitors about the history of the Cold Mountain region of Bethel.  To allow for further edification about Bethel and Haywood County's people, history, and locations, each year for six years Evelyn Coltman wrote, and the Historic Preservation Committee compiled and printed a new book to accompany the tour.  BRCO wished to capture both oral and documented history with these books; hence, the title for the six books: Legends, Tales & History of Cold Mountain, Books 1 - 6.  In 2010, the NC Society of Historians awarded Evelyn Coltman with the Barringer Award of Excellence for the six volume collection of local history.  BRCO sells the books in ebook format only.

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