Bethel Rural Community Organization is fortunate to carry on the activities of its seven committees in the historic Bethel Presbyterian Church.  The Presbyterian congregation ceased in 2009, and the 1885 solid chestnut sanctuary/1964 addition allows the group to share meeting space with the community for rentals, meetings, our food pantry, committee functions, and dinners.  Fortunate to oversee a space with significant historical context for the community, the Beautification Committee takes its responsibility as caretaker seriously.  

In order to assure historically accurate upgrades and restorations, the committee has consulted not only with an interior decorator but also with the Western Regional Presbytery, the Department of Cultural Resources, and with Preservation NC.  In addition, the Beautification Committee is charged with decorating the facility for BRCO meetings.

Upgrades BRCO has made to Bethel Presbyterian Church


  • Painted the exterior, including the 1885 metal roof
  • Painted perimeter markers
  • Stabilized handrails
  • Removed antiquated signage
  • Changed door locks and handles to handicapped compliant levers
  • Changed all exterior lighting fixtures to reflect a traditional reverent elegance
  • Added a handicapped ramp with handrail
  • Planted water-garden shrubs
  • Replaced pump and reworked water system


  • Painted the interior
  • Replaced several lighting fixtures to reflect a traditional spiritual tone appropriate for a church
  • Installed curtain valences throughout the facility that are suitable for a religious setting
  • Created a food pantry closet from unused hall space
  • Cleaned and organized all closets
  • Created a wide pass-through between the kitchen/dining space with installation of cabinets
  • Changed doors throughout the facility to accommodate handicapped accessible width requirements while also maintaining the appropriate appearance historically
  • Remodeled two bathrooms to be more handicapped accessible
  • Installed a furnace for the sanctuary and a heat pump for the 1964 addition
  • Conducted electrical and fire code upgrades
  • Restored original antique benches with updated padding and relocated to the dining hall