Possum on a Whale's Sunburst Session CD



Possum On A Whale is an old time band from Western North Carolina that features Appalachian music played in the traditional style that has characterized the region for generations. The group consists of middle school, high school, and college students. Possum on a Whale has frequented festivals since 2013 and is a popular attraction at every venue .  “Sunburst Sessions” is the first CD for the group and is produced under the direction of Bethel Rural Community Organization’s Historic Preservation Committee by Douglas Chambers Productions. 

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Possum on a Whale - The Sunburst Sessions include the following tracks:

Fly Around My Pretty Little Miss

Cluck Old Hen

Mississippi Sawyer

Sugar Hill

Red Haired Boy

Elzie's Farewell

Cripple Creek/Old Joe Clark Medley

Joys of Quebec

Reuben's Train

Whiskey Before Breakfast

Shady Grove

Arkansas Traveler

Soldier's Joy