Food Pantry

Volunteer Program

Volunteer Hours:  Approximately 1 to 4 hours between the hours of 9:00 a.m.-10:30 a.m. on the second Wednesday of each month. You can choose to work as little as 1 hour or as much as 16 hours per month.

Wish List Items:

Canned meat, fish, soups, canned fruits, canned vegetables, peanut butter, jelly, dry storage milk, condiments, juices, and complete meals.       

CONTACT:  For more information, directions, emergency needs, volunteer or sponsorship opportunities, or to donate food items, please email     List "Pantry" in the subject line.

What You Can Do:

  • Tell everyone in need of pantry services about BRCO's pantry program.
  • Become a volunteer.
  • Become a dedicated Sponsor.
  • Become a Sponsor of the Month.
  • Donate food items on the Wish List.

Bethel Community Pantry

Did You Know These Food Statistics?

  • Approximately 1 in 6 of our neighbors needs emergency assistance.
  • Of these, about 70% are living below the federal poverty line.
  • Nearly 42% have at lease one adult in the household who works.
  • National statitics concerning food assistance qualifiers: 10% are elderly, 10% are disabled, 44% are children, and 36% are non-disabled adults.
  • Some interesting poverty rates from 2017. National- 13.1%, Haywood County- 16.6%, Waynesville- 22.2%

MANNA Food Distribution and Pantry

Bethel Rural Community Pantry (BRCP) is a working committee of the Bethel Rural Community Organization, Inc. (BRCO).


Food Pantry Purpose:  Feeding the hungry in Bethel is the sole purpose.

MANNA Food Bank Partner:  BRCO secures food from MANNA by providing the location, transportation, and food supplies to those living in the Bethel School disctrict who qualify for food assistance.

BRCO Food Certification:  ANSI Accredited ServSafe Food Handler Certification #0655.

Qualifications for Food Assistance:  Show valid identification, proof of residence, and proof of need based on income.

Emergency Food Assistance:  BRCO provides food for emergency situations on a one-time basis with no credential required except for verified statement of need.

Location:  BRCO's Community Center is located at Bethel Presbyterian Church, 664 Sonoma Road, Waynesville (next to Bethel Middle School).

Dates for Distribution: Second Wednesday of each month from 9:00 a.m. - 10:30 a.m.

Weather Schedule:  If Haywood County schools close, pantry will open the next day school is in session.  If schools have a delayed start, schedule will be as usual.

Food:  Pasta, rice, dry beans, cereal, meat, eggs, bread, fruit juice, canned items, produce, and pet food.

Farm and Produce Stand Coupons:  BRCO coordinates with local farms and produce stands to supply coupons to be used at these locations in Bethel.

Dedicated Sponsorship Program

Churches and individuals in Bethel Community regularly contribute monetarily or with food donations, either on a monthly or quarterly basis:  

Dedicated Sponsors:

Encouraging Word Baptist Church

Riverside Baptist Church

Spring Hill Baptist Church

Sponsor of the Month Program

Contact us to provide flyers so that you can either hold a food drive or donate a large quantity of a specific food item from the "Wish List."

Volunteers May Choose Among the Following Tasks:

  • Organizing the pantry
  • Pick-up and unloading of food
  • Assembling emergency boxes
  • Making local deliveries for our homebound