The Fertile Fields of Bethel

The Bethel community of Haywood County, NC is home to some of the richest, most fertile farmland in the state.  The Fertile Fields of Bethel is the story of that farmland and the people who are out there working the land every day to feed the people of Western North Carolina...and beyond.

Sponsored by Haywood County Farm Bureau and Haywood EMC

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Agriculture is the leading industry in this great state of North Carolina. Livestock products and crops each contribute about 50% to the economy. It is projected that by 2050, the world will need twice the food production of today. That implies that farming must increase, not decrease. Education is an important part of this equation.

The Bethel Rural Community Organization, in Western NC, has produced an informative and educational DVD to address the issues. In the DVD, farmers who love the soil talk about farming, state and local agents tell about their support for farming, and the customers that show their desire for local products.  Seasonal tasks, from soil preparation to harvesting and selling, are explained. There is even a Q&A section for teachers to use in the classroom.

The DVD in whole is an hour long, but is divided into three sections of approximately 16, 22, and 22 minutes each.  The three sections with Q&A make the DVD ideal for the classroom setting. But more important, the material is educational and needed to encourage some youth to follow in the footsteps of our current farmers to help meet the future need.

BRCO recommends this DVD to you for its educational, informative, and entertaining content.

The Fertile Fields of Bethel DVD