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Phyllis Inman Barrett

  • At the Foot of Cold Mountain
  • Love in the Time of War
  • Once Upon A Time: Stories of the Unitarian Universalists of Clearwater

Susan Baxley

  • BRCO’s Historic Preservation Committee (Member)
  • Cold Mountain Heritage Driving Tour CD (Proofreader)
  • Human Anatomy and Physiology Laboratory Manual Supplement
  • Human Anatomy and Physiology Society (HAPS) quarterly publication (Editor)
  • Legends, Tales & History of Cold Mountain, Books 3-6 (Proofreader)
  • Power Anatomy (Co-author) - An online anatomy laboratory manual that provides 100 Interactive 3D models of the human body, text, exercises, and material reviews
  • Proofreader for numerous publications, including BRCO’s as well as medical texts

The Bethel News (Woodrow, NC)

  • Published in affiliation with Bethel Community and Bethel School in 1924
  • Four issues were produced, but only two are available at the Historical Room at the Haywood County Courthouse to confirm dates of publication: Volume 1, Issue 3 (Saturday, February 2, 1924) and Volume 1, Issue 4 (Saturday, May 17, 1924).
  • Arthur Cody: Editor in Chief
  • Jack Keeter: Business Manager
  • Worth Wells: Circulation Manager
  • Assistant Editors: Florence Hargrove, Maria Sentelle, Boyd Smathers, Olive Wooten
  • Subscription Price: 50 cents per year
  • Publication schedule: Monthly for the first eight months of the year (The publication appears to have completed only 4 issues)
  • Goal: Promote the inter-relationship between composition, grammar, and literature
  • The final issue cites lack of funds, poor roads hindering passage to secure sponsors, and difficulty of dealing with the publication process.

Bethel Rural Community Organization

  • Cold Mountain Heritage Driving Tour CD (Historic Preservation Committee) (5)
  • Fertile Fields of Bethel DVD (Rural Preservation Committee) (7)
  • From New College to Springdale DVD (Historic Preservation Committee) (6)
  • Land of Promise DVD (Rural Preservation Committee) (1)
  • Legends, Tales & History of Cold Mountain, Books 1-6 (written by Evelyn Coltman; originally produced by the Historic Preservation Committee) (2005-2011) (4)
  • Pigeon Valley - Added Table of Contents and Reprinted (Historic Preservation Committee) (2)
  • Possum on a Whale CD (Historic Preservation Committee) (8)
  • Sunburst and Other Logging Operations in the Bethel & Cold Mountain Region DVD (Historic Preservation Committee) (9)
  • Walking in the Footsteps of Those Who Came Before Us DVD (Historic Preservation Committee) (3)
  • Application to the National Register of Historic Places for Francis Mill
  • Application to the National Register of Historic Places for Truss Bridge #79
  • North Carolina Society of Historians (Five awards for the Historic Preservation Committee for From New College to Springdale, Legends, Tales & History of Cold Mountain, Books 1-6, Sunburst and Other Logging Operations in the Bethel & Cold Mountain Region DVD, Walking in the Footsteps of Those Who Came Before Us and North Carolina Society of Historians Multi-Media Award of Excellence for the collection of 24 historic art prints; Individual members also received awards)


Richard "Dick" Alexander

  • Recipient of Bethel Rural Community Organization’s Pigeon Valley Award for Historic Preservation in 2016 for his oral history presentation about Columbia University’s New College, Springdale School, and High Valley Camp located in Cruso Community
  • Presenter on the From New College to Springdale DVD which received the multi-media award from the North Carolina Society of Historians in 2016

Bethel Middle School

  • Sonoma – Valley of the Moon – Sunburst
    Comprises a series of interviews by Hugh K. Terrell’s 1978 eighth grade class at Bethel Junior High School about the historic logging village of Sunburst as well as historical information about Champion Fibre.
  • Pigeon Valley
    Includes a series of interviews by Cheryl Inman Haney’s 1992 eighth grade class at Bethel Junior High School. Participating students conducted research concerning the following subjects: churches, schools, stores, post offices, gristmills, bridges, floods, mines, Indian mounds and other Native American topics, nomenclature of Bethel locations, prominent Bethel families, and other topics.

    Student researchers/writers: Wesley Barton, Jessica Buchanan, Julie Burnette, Seth Burnette, Melanie Chastain, Timothy Clark, Kinneil Coltman, Leigh Anne Deaver, Amanda Early, Daran Gaddis, Travis Glance, Zac Guy, Travis Hannah, Adam Joiner, Terry King, Dorcas Long, Michelle Lunsford, Stephen Moore, John Rogers, Tara Russell, Lynn Sisti, Lucas Sorrells, Robbie Stines, Anita Wheeler, Donna Wheeler, Lee Whiteside, Chris Woods.

    Interview Sources: Jerry Blalock, Rowena Williams Buckner, Audrey Burnette, Frances Burress, Aurelia Cathey, Joe Cathey, Gladys Henson Deitz, Vivian Justice Dingledine, Leona Williams Franklin, Florence Garner, Elmer Goodson, Rufus Hargrove, Alvah Henson, Coleman Henson, Ellen Henson, Berdine Hirschy, Carl Hudson, Essie Sellers Jervis, Grace Erwin Lane, Norman Long, Dr. W. K. McNeil, Winifred McNeil, Barbara Messer, Tom Moore, Ila Pace, Ava Parker, Ed Plott, Dale Ratcliff, Lon Rogers, James Sheffield, Bill Terrell, Daniel Warren, Joe Worley, H.C. Williams.

    Bethel PTO and the North Carolina League of Middle Level Schools funded the project.

    In 2008, Bethel Rural Community Organization’s Historic Preservation Committee, chaired by Evelyn Coltman, reprinted the book following approval by the Haywood County Board of Education. Pat Carr with Bethel Rural Community Organization provided a Table of Contents for the second printing. Bethel Rural Community Organization funded the project and directed proceeds to the Bethel Middle School Library.

Jerry Blalock

  • Etheldred Blalock

Bethel High School Journalism Class

  • Bethel High School Journalism Class published the “Pigeon Valley News.” This single page news release was published every Monday in The Waynesville Mountaineer October – May, 1952-1953 and detailed events at school and in the Bethel Community.

Dr. Christopher Lewis Bramlett

  • Graduated from Bethel High School
  • Wake Forest University - BS in Chemistry
  • Wake Forest University - MA in Chemistry
  • University of Virginia - Ph D in Chemistry
  • Phillip Francis Dupont Fellow - University of Virginia
  • Gemological Institute of America - Graduate Gemologist

Click here for a full listing of Dr. Bramlett's certifications, professions, research projects, awards, speeches, presentations, and publications.

Bethel Methodist Church’s Women’s Society of Christian Services

  • Bethel’s Best Recipes - published February 1950 (a creation of 220 recipes by more than70 people)
  • The Circuit Rider, published September 1962
  • Niners Class Newsletter, 1986-1987
  • The Bethel Bell Newsletter, 1988 – Pat Moore, Elaine Anderson, Sarah Sherman, Carolyn Gonzalez, Dot Wood, Sharon Jones, and Edith Richards served successively as editors

Pansy Cochran Blalock

  • “Pansy Blalock’s Notebook” – The writer kept a notebook that catalogued her early days at a log cabin in Pig-Pen Gap in Swain County, her father’s job at Smokemont Logging Community, her schooling at Dix Creek School in Bethel, and her life at Lenoir’s Creek farm where her father farmed and logged. Years later, her husband Hugh Blalock also logged at Lenoir’s Creek in Bethel. She cooked for the fourteen-member timber crew. Blalock filled her journal with memories of train rides, chestnut harvests, old superstitions, one-and-two room schools.