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  • Abstracts of Folklore Studies
  • African-American Folksongs
  • Al Jolson - A Discography by W.K. McNeil and Lewis Hatchett (2000)
  • American Children’s Folklore
  • American Folklore: An Encyclopedia (Contributor)
  • American Folklore series (Editor of the August House collection)
  • American Folklore Society’s “One Hundred Years of American Folklore Studies”
  • American Proverb Literature
  • Appalachian Journal (Contributor)
  • Appalachian Images in Folk and Popular Culture
  • Arkansas Country Dancer (Columnist/Contributor)
  • An Arkansas Folklore Sourcebook
  • The Charm is Broken: Readings in Arkansas and Missouri Folklore (Selected as preferred textbook for folklore studies in colleges and universities nationwide)
  • Clearfield Company’s Classic books in Folklore Studies series (Editor)
  • Chronicles of Oklahoma(Contributor)
  • Dick Powell - A Bio-Discography by W.K. McNeil and Lewis Hatchett (2000)
  • Encyclopedia of American Gospel Music – the first comprehensive reference to cover American gospel music (Editor)
  • Encyclopedia of Appalachia (Contributor)
  • Encyclopedia of Southern Culture (Contributor)
  • Fireside Stories of Early Days of the Ozarks (Contributor)
  • Folklore (Contributor)
  • Folklore Forum (Contributor)
  • Folklore on Two Continents (Contributor)
  • Folklore Historian (Advisory Editor)
  • Fred Astaire -A Discography by W.K. McNeil and Lewis Hatchett (1999)
  • Ghost Stories from the American South
  • Ghost Stories from the Pacific Northwest
  • Heritage of Stone (Contributor)
  • History of Arkansas Country Music (Documentation)
  • History of Lawrence, Jackson, Independence, and Stone Counties, Arkansas (Introduction)
  • Indiana Folklore (Contributor)
  • Italian-American Folklore
  • Jewish-American Folklore
  • Jimmy Rogers Memorial Newsletter (Editor)
  • John Edwards Memorial Foundation Quarterly (Contributor)
  • Journal of American Folklore (Contributor/Editor)
  • Journal of Country Music (Contributor)
  • Journal of Ohio Folklore Society (Contributor)
  • Journal of Popular Culture (Contributor)
  • Keystone Folklore Society Quarterly (Contributor)

The books included are collected/edited/written by McNeil or else he contributed introductions/editing/commentary/chapters in books written by others.  McNeil wrote thousands of articles in his thirty-eight year career as a folklorist and historian, making him the most prolific writer to have come from Bethel.

Dr. William Kinneth McNeil-Publications

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