Bethel Writers and Media Contributors


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Tina Thompson Masciarelli

  • Buy Haywood Coordinator
  • Great Smokies Review (Contributor)
  • The Laurel of Asheville (Contributor)
  • Plough to Pantry magazine (Contributor)
  • Smoky Mountain News (Contributor)
  • SOFIOL Press – a full service digital media and marketing company (Owner)

Emma Huskey Mashburn and Joel L. Mashburn

  • Asheville and Buncombe County: Once Upon a Time
  • Hominy Valley: The Golden Years
  • Hominy Valley Revisited: A Journey Back to Our Favorite Times
  • Look What You Started
  • Colonial Publishing Company, Owners
  • North Carolina Society of Historians (Awards for several books)


Robert Matthews

  • Bethel the Beautiful (Song Writer)
  • New York Office of State History (Public Historian)
  • Smithsonian Institution’s Regional America Series of the Festival of American Folklife (Director)
  • Ozark Folk Center (Folklorist)
  • Established one of the country’s largest regional folklore libraries and archives at the Ozark Folk Center
  • American Folklore Society (History and Folklore Section/Lecturer)
  • Appalachian Journal (Editorial Board)
  • Bruce Buckley Distinguished Lecturer in Cooperstown, New York (2004)
  • Fellows of the American Folklore Society (Inductee)
  • Grammy Award nomination (The Blues: A Smithsonian Collection of Classic Blues Singers)
  • Hoosier Folklore Society (Lecturer)
  • Jimmy Rogers Memorial Association (President)
  • Mid-America Folklore Society (President)
  • Missouri Folklore Society (Lecturer)
  • National Council for the Traditional Arts (Executive Board)
  • New York State Library Association’s Best Research Publication of the Year – 2005 ( Encyclopedia of American Gospel Music )
  • Ozark County - Outstanding Academic Book - Choice Awards -1996
  • Ozark States Folklore Society (President)
  • Ozarks Folklore Society (Lecturer)
  • Songcatcher (Ballad consultant for the movie)
  • Southern Folklore Society (Advisory Board)
  • Stone County Historical Society (President)
  • Uncle Dave Macon Days (Festival Organizer)
  • Who’s Who in Entertainment (1998)
  • The Autograph Album Description of Nineteenth Century New York – Honorable Mention from the University of Chicago Folklore Department

Dr. William Kinneth McNeil-Career and Awards

Jeanie Harkins Matthews

  • I Have Won - A booklet of poems published in loving memory of Jeanie Harkins Mathews (1942-1974) that is dedicated to her daughter, Lisa
  • Jeanie Harkins Mathews’ poem, “Continuum,” was published in “Songs of Youth” by the American Poetry Society in 1961.

Peggy Manning

  • Editor of The Enterprise
  • Columnist for The Mountaineer
  • Presenter about Inman family history at a Cold Mountain Heritage Tour
  • Reference source for “William Pingree (Pinkney) Inman: The Real Story” in Legends, Tales & History of Cold Mountain, Book 2, details Manning’s research about tracking descendants of Pinkney Inman
  • Newspaper articles about Bethel topics:
    “Bethel to Again Face Sewer Issue,” Feb. 12, 2003
    “Bethel Residents Still Opposed to Water and Sewer Extensions,” March 5, 2004
    “Bethel Water and Sewer Project Flushed by County,” July, 5, 2004
    “Friendly House Held Keys to Success for Many: Multi-Faceted Community Center Offered Child and Health Care, Classes from Music to Public Speaking”
    “Garden Creek Property Owners Preserve History”
    “Growing Academy Seeks to Expand,” Aug. 24, 2002
    “If These Beams Could Talk: Wood Used to Build Inman Chapel Tells a Story as the Church is Being Renovated”
    “Interest in Search for Native Artifacts Renewed”
    “Lake Logan Purchase Complete” - June 21, 2000
    “New School in Sight for Bethel,” Jan. 23, 2004
    “Relinquishing Lake Logan” - May 27, 1998
    “Sewer Issue Divides Bethel,” March 15, 2004
    “Truss Bridge to be Replaced,” Dec. 1, 2006
    “Truss Bridge Decision Reached,” July 30, 2007 “Saving Lake Logan” - Sept. 2, 1998
  • Speaker in the DVD sponsored by the Haywood County Public Library and Canton Area Historical Museum - Canton: The Rest of the Story: 1917-1918 - Typhoid and Flu

Craig Messer

  • BRCO's narrator for Sunburst and Other Logging Operations in the Bethel Cold Mountain Region DVD

Dr. Mary Michal

  • Legends, Tales & History of Cold Mountain, Book 3 (Contributor) (Lenoir Devon Acres Farm)
  • Walking in the Footsteps of Those Who Came Before Us (Contributor)

Ronnie Mills

  • Quinlin

Nancy Moore

  • The Nancy Moore Diary has been saved by her family and is in the possession of descendant, Tom Moore. Nancy Moore (1820-1890) catalogued Bethel events of all types during her lifetime; her documentation gives a rare look at Bethel history during the 19th century.
  • Nancy Moore Scrapbook has been saved by her family and is in the possession of descendant, Tom Moore.
  • Legends, Tales & History of Cold Mountain, Book 6, includes a compilation by Evelyn M. Coltman of topics covered by Nancy Moore in her diary and scrapbook.

Kaye Lanning Minchew

  • Named Georgia's Writer of the Year for History by the Georgia Writer's Association for her book, Franklin Delanao Roosevelt: A President in Our Midst
  • Served as executive director of the Troup County Archives and Troup County Historical Society
  • Jimmy Carter: Citizen of the South

Nick Muerdter

  • A software engineer for the National Renewable Energy Laboratory in Golden, Colorado, who received the 2021 Governor’s Citizenship Medal for his development of an easy-to-use website called “Vaccine” that allowed not only Colorado citizens but individuals nationwide to access vaccine availability in their areas.
  • American Folklore Society
  • Folklore and Popular Culture
  • Folklore and Popular Culture
  • Missouri Folklore Society
  • New York Folklore Society
  • Ozarks Folklore Society
  • Popular Culture Association

Dr. William Kinneth McNeil-Panelist

Dr. Bill Peek

  • Bethel Methodist Church History: 1886-1996