Historic Post Offices That Existed in the Bethel/Cruso Area

Woodrow Depot/Post Office

-from the Charles Cathey collection provided by Bill Holbrook

Livingston Post Office was on the route from Waynesville to Lavinia, exact location unknown.  James Ballou Inman was enlisted by the postmaster general to add the post office of Livingston to his route.

Dates of Operation: August 22, 1898 – March 15, 1905. This post office may have been in the Waynesville postal sector, though this information has not been verified.  Regardless, James Ballou Inman in his route from Waynesville delivered mail to the post offices at Livingston, Sonoma, Retreat, and Lavinia


George E. Boggs (August 22, 1898)

Discontinued on March 15, 1905

After March 15, 1905, mail was directed to Waynesville

Retreat Post Office existed near the Edmonson farm and homeplace which, was known as "The Retreat," in a store building near today's Mooney Lane and Lake Logan Road on Highway #215 South.  

Dates of Operation: 1886-1902  


Maria (pronounced Mariah) Edmonson (April 16, 1886)

Thomas B. Edmonson (March 2, 1899)

Discontinued February 15, 1902

After February 15, 1902, mail was directed to Sonoma Post Office

Sonoma Post Office was in the Terrell Store (later called the Sentelle Store) in the field adjacent to today's Jukebox Junction.

Mary Lucinda Terrell, one of the postmistresses who operated the post office, also ran the Terrell Store. Mary Lucinda Terrell, always wore a large white apron in which she kept candy to give to children.  By some accounts, Mary Lucinda Terrell played some role at the facility during its entire existence and resented the closure of the post office.    

Dates of Operation: 1878-1905.  


Sarah M. Wilson (April 24, 1878)

Mary Lucina Terrell (January 28, 1880)

Harrison Singleton (1887 - June 15, 1897)

Lydia A. Evans (February 21, 1900)

Discontinued March 15, 1905

After March 15, 1905, mail was directed to Canton Post Office

Sonoma Post Office (located in the Terrell/Sentelle Store)

-from the Bill Terrell collection

Springdale Post Office was on the Lenoir Gwyn Farm, now part of Springdale Golf Course.

Dates of Operation: 1876 –1923.  


James M. Gwyn (February 29, 1876)

Thomas L. Gwyn (September 11, 1913)

Discontinued July 14, 1923

After July 14, 1923, mail was directed to Cruso Post Office

Spruce Post Office existed at the area known as Three Forks of the Pigeon River near today's Sunburst Campground.

Dates of Operation: Unknown

Postmasters/Postmistresses: Unknown

Sunburst Post Office was also the Suncrest Lumber Company Post Office that was in the same building as the depot.  Postal employees may also have been employed as depot managers.

Dates of Operation: 1906-1928. Historical records differ about this post office and dates of operation, with one source indicating that it was discontinued by October 31, 1908, when the mail was directed to Lavinia Post Office.  By 1913, mail was moved back from Lavinia to this post office

Postmasters/Postmistresses with dates of appointment:

Mary Smith (March 28, 1906)

Harry W. Raynolds (January 31, 1907)

Berta P. McClure (May 27, 1907)

Andrew U. Robertson - declined (September 21, 1908)

Mail was apparently directed to Lavinia Post Office as of October 31, 1908.  

Mail was apparently directed back to this post office from Lavinia Post Office by 1913

Benjamin F. Gudger (February 8, 1913)

John H. Peebles (February 24, 1914)

William C. Allen, Jr. (March 8, 1915)

Robert L. Burgin (March 29, 1918)

Sadie L. Burgy - Acting (July 1, 1924)

Sadie L. Burgy (January 26, 1925

Discontinued July 14, 1928

After July 14, 1928, mail was directed to Canton Post Office

Woodrow Post Office was in the depot of the Tennessee and North Carolina Railroad on Highway #215 near the intersection of Sonoma Road. Postmaster Cathey was noted for his fine Spencerian script he used to write and cancel letters as well as for his excellent furniture and cabinetry (known as C Line Furniture) that he sold at his nearby shop.

Dates of Operation: 1914-1927.

Postmasters/Postmistresses with dates of appointment:

Thomas J. Cathey (February 3, 1914)

Arthur G. Burnett (October 1, 1918)

Discontinued January15, 1927

After January 15, 1927, mail was directed to Waynesville.

Sunburst Post Office and T/NC Depot

This building sits exactly where the boat dock at Lake Logan is today. 

-from the Gerald Ledford Collections

Livingston Post Office

Retreat Post Office

Sonoma Post Office

Springdale Post Office

Spruce Post Office

Sunburst Post Office

Woodrow Post Office

The drawing shows the farm as it was in the 1930s – slightly after the date the post office closed. (Photo is from the Dick Alexander collection)