The Joseph Turner and Martha Anna Iva Killian Cathey House's first generation was featured in Book 1 of Legends. Aurelia Bush Cathey, married to third generation Turner Cathey, composed a fascinating account of members of the second and third generation of the Cathey family.

The Captain James Allen and Nancy Louisa Cathey Blaylock House is noted for its out-of-the-ordinary tales of ghosts and intrigue. Author Evelyn Coltman relays data about all five generations of Blaylocks who occupied the house, with special focus on the fourth generation whose lives were particularly appealing.

Few houses are constructed in the shape of a symbol or icon, but the Julius Marion and Leila Vance Welch House is noted for its distinctive cruciform (cross-shaped) design. As interesting as its architectural features are the Welch family members whose amazing social life and contributions to Bethel Community are noteworthy.

A particularly outstanding citizen of Bethel Community whose talents have affected everyone through his one hundred plus inventions has not ever received the attention or notoriety that his contributions to society deserve. Author Evelyn Coltman interviews his former neighbors who recall Calvin Filmore Christopher's achievements, his quirkiness, and his brilliant mind. Christopher's great granddaughter, in another article, relays family data as well as details about his numerous inventions.

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Legends, Tales & History of Cold Mountain, Book 2

In 2006, Bethel Rural Community Organization's Cold Mountain Heritage Tour was accompanied with Book 2 of Legends, Tales & History of Cold Mountain. The three historic houses featured on the tour are noted for their stories and interesting history as well as for their unique architecture.

In addition to Christopher's biography, author Evelyn Coltman details the lives of two members of the Inman family: William Pingree Inman (Pinkney Inman of Cold Mountain fame) and his equally fascinating brother, James Anderson Inman. While actual details about Pinkney Inman' life are sketchy and difficult to trace, Coltman attempts to tie together the factual data as well as family oral history relating to this young man whose fictional account in the book and movie Cold Mountain caught the attention of the nation.

Pinkney's less famous but more noteworthy brother, James Anderson Inman, was also a Civil War veteran. His letters to home during the war serve to enlighten the reader as to the difficulty of a soldier's life away from home and family. James Anderson, after the Civil War, returned home to become a Universalist minister, starting North Carolina's first Universalist Church west of Durham.

To complete Book 2 of Legends, a captivating account of an 1840s religious camp meeting, relayed to Eulalia McCracken Brown, gives insight into life in the mid-1800s in Bethel Community.

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