Two sections titled "Settlers of Western North Carolina" and "Origins and Characteristics" give a concise understanding of how the pioneers who first came to Southern Appalachia were similar to, yet different from, settlers of other regions of the country.

Like Books 1 and 2 of Legends,  Book 3 features a member of the Inman family. Reuben Stringfield Inman was noted in his community for several captivating lifestyle choices.  Author Evelyn Coltman captured the brief story of his life.

The Lenoir family has contributed significantly to the history of North Carolina. The Lenoirs also played an important role in the history of Bethel Community and Haywood County, North Carolina. Fortunately, Book 3 includes three articles that are the result of original research by a descendant  of the Lenoir family, Emily Michal Terrell: Origins of the Lenoir Family, Thomas Lenoir, and Thomas Isaac Lenoir. A Thomas Isaac Lenoir letter that has not been previously published is also included. In addition, Dr. Mary Michal, Lenoir descendant, penned a captivating account of her life as she and her brother grew up on Lenoir Devon Acres Farm, the longest continuing farm in Haywood County that is noted for its docile Devon cattle that descended from the original 1850's herd.

One of the most impressive histories in Haywood County is that of the Cathey Family and its most noted representative, Colonel Joseph Cathey. A community leader, a farmer, a miller, an entrepreneur, and a legislator, Colonel Cathey was truly an enlightened man and a fine citizen.

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Legends, Tales & History of Cold Mountain, Book 3

Legends, Tales & History of Cold Mountain, Book 3, contains valuable historical information about important people, places, and events in the history of Bethel Community in the mountains of Western North Carolina.  This book accompanied the third Cold Mountain Heritage Tour in 2007.  

In its formative years Bethel Community was home to many schools.   Author Evelyn Coltman includes a general history of the school system in North Carolina and Haywood County during the early years.  Coltman details specific information about schools in Bethel/Cruso from the early 1800s until the current Bethel Elementary, Bethel Middle, and Pisgah High Schools.

The book concludes with chapters on two unique schools that existed in the Bethel/Cruso area. New College Community Experience of New College Branch of Columbia University's Teachers College was an experimental school that thrived in Cruso Community in the 1930s. The school was unlike any other educational institutional innovation in this country, but it was short-lived. Insights gained from a study of its educational message, however, provide valuable lessons about the mechanisms required to create outstanding teachers and citizens. Summit Academy, like New College Community Experience, was also a singular experimental school. Summit Academy, however, focused entirely on teaching a unique set of learning skills to children with learning disabilities. Success Oriented Achievement Realized (SOAR) and Project Pursuit are two programs that still exist that emanated from Summit Academy.

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