Cheryl Inman Haney details the life of her grandfather James Hosea Ballou Inman.

Dr. Joseph Shook Hall delineates the history of the restoration of Haywood County's oldest frame structure, the Shook-Smathers House Museum.  Evelyn Coltman in the "Historic Pride of Clyde" article offers futher specifics about the architecture as well as the people who inhabited the house.

Jackie Stephens, Curator at the Shelton House, gives details about the Shelton family as well as the house's connection to the Museum of North Carolina Handicrafts.

The interesting history of the Smathers-Gautier-Messer House, Haywood County's best example of Queen Anne Architecture, is ably described by Malinda Messer, current resident of the house.

A poignant letter written by one of the last inhabitants of the Blaylock House was discovered in an antique trunk and is printed for the first time in the book.

Other entries by author Evelyn M. Coltman include information about sites on the tour such as the White Sulphur Springs Park where the last shot of the Civil War east of the Mississippi was fired, the Last Shot Monument, and the location of one of eastern America's grand hotels, the White Sulpher Springs Hotel.

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Legends, Tales & History of Cold Mountain, Book 4

In Legends, Tales & History of Cold Mountain, Book 4,  several guest writers, in addition to author Evely Coltman, contribute to the book that accompanied the fourth Cold Mountain Heritage Tour in 2008.  Focus also diverts to significant historic sties in Clyde and Waynesville.

Articles on mills and milling include data about Haywood County's extant grist mills: Francis Mill which has undergone restoration and the Crockett Campbell Mill wheel which was used to construct a mill on the Haywood Community College campus.

Sections on logging and lumbering focus on lumber mills that once existed in Bethel, particulary Sunburst.  Also included are interviews with two ladies, Maude Rogers and Virginia Oates, associated with Bethel's mill town,  Sunburst. The book concludes with an interesting history of Haywood County's Powell family whose members have been associated with timbering for approximately one hundred years.

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